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Welcome to Football as it should be…

South London’s newest [hyper-local] football league provider.
We are two guys who, between us, have over 10 years experience of running afterwork football leagues.
We have always had our own ideas on how social football leagues should work, and so theBrixton Football Company is us putting our ideas into action.
Our primary aim is to have a handful of local football leagues that we manage personally, from our Brixton base.
There will be a strong emphasis on 7-a-side football, as this is the format we feel team’s now want to play.
Our aim is to stay small and personable, and, in doing so, to avoid the pitfalls that many of our larger competitors fall in to.
The best leagues are those where teams get to know each other – therefore one of our aims will be to establish a post-match hub in a nearby pub.
We want to run leagues that put the interests of teams/players first – and no one else.  We also only want to operate leagues that we would happily play in ourselves (and be proud to call our own).
The Brixton Football Company‘s inaugural Stockwell 7-a-side competition (Wednesdays, 6-8pm) launches next month (October 2014).
We provide the pitch, referee and equipment – as well as online assistance (including tables, fixtures & stats).


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