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A League for Locals



One of the founding principles of the Brixton Football Company is to create a league that is truly reflective of our local community. Seeking the best 7 a-side team in Brixton means seeking diversity in our entrants so that our teams converge on each other from differing walks of life.

We want to break away from the hollow corporate approach that has come to define how small-sided football is played across London and build something hyper-local, from the ground up. We consider all of our players / teams stakeholders in our project and take a very hands-on approach to our work. We take pride in getting to know our players and more pride yet in our teams getting to know each other.

With limited time to fit a game of the football into your week its important that when you do play the experience is enjoyable. A big part of what makes the Brixton Football Company unique is the atmosphere around the league. Regardless of your result there is always the chance to sink a pint and relax afterward. We are now working with a number of local partners to ensure the benefits of playing with us go way beyond what you achieve on the field.



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