Why us

Welcome to South London’s newest football league provider

We have over 10 years experience of running afterwork football leagues in London – and with The Brixton Football Company, we plan to use our skills and knowledge to deliver football leagues that are peerless – that harness the best of what is currently on offer in the market, but with a more simplified, personal approach.

As individuals, we’ve played with almost every reputable league provider London has to offer.  We’ve experienced the highs and lows firsthand, and understand that leagues can often feel like a love/hate relationship.  We also know that many of the frustrations are entirely avoidable.

We won’t hire a venue that we think is substandard.  We also won’t use referees that don’t come up to scratch.  And we’ll always ensure there’s an ample amount of good quality, pumped-up footballs!  We’re not offering anything out of the ordinary – no gimmicks.  Just simple, well run football leagues that we would be happy to play in ourselves, and be proud to call our own.

We want to refine the footballing experience and believe that attention to detail paired with personable customer service are the pillars of an enjoyable football league.  Your experience is our priority.



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